SunBlaster Universal Strip Light Hanger



SunBlaster has been at the forefront of today’s Indoor Growing for over two decades now. From our early years in the late 90’s our commitment and focus has always been to provide the best possible Indoor horticultural lighting for today’s urban growers.We design and manufacture products that are easy to use, and perform flawlessly. Traditional Home growers and Commercial operators alike, enjoy the benefits that come from using SunBlaster lighting products and propagation accessories. There will come a day, when all our food is near perfect, packed full of nutrients, flavor and freshness … that day is rapidly approaching … are you ready for it? The future of Indoor Agriculture is rapidly approaching as we move indoors and produce the highest quality crops ever. We don’t just build products, we change lives. Our commitment to provide growers with the tools they need to grow better, healthier and vastly more nutritious foods, continues to motivate us daily. This commitment is seen in the products we bring to market and the life changing capabilities they have. We bring the best of natural sunlight into homes, warehouses and greenhouses to grow fresh and fabulous produce, anywhere, any time.

The SunBlaster Universal Strip Light Hanger expansion brace attaches securely to the Universal T5 Light Stand, providing support for as many as seven lights (and reflectors). Each light is connected via a power cord to the next, so only one power cord gets plugged into your wall socket. This Kit is adaptable to your needs, allowing for 1 to 7 T5 tubes. The idea is to expand the surface area directly beneath the light source. More light = happier seedlings and more even growth. This kit is the adapter only, and does not include stand, lights, or reflectors. It also comes with top mount hangers that would allow you to suspend it from cable or chain attached to the ceiling, without using the Universal Stand.


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