SunBlaster 36″ T5HO 39W 6400K Light Kit

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SunBlaster 3ft T5HO 39W 6400K Light Kit

– T5HO lamps have a diameter of 5/8” – smaller is better when it comes to manufacturing, transportation and disposal.
– Reduction in raw materials and components needed for manufacturing.
– Reduction in lamp and fixture packaging materials due to relative size.
– T5HO are constructed of 40% less glass.
– T5HO contain 30% less phosphor than T8.
– T5HO contain 70% less mercury than T8.
– Longer lamp life means reduced maintenance cost and less going to the landfill.

Built for Growing

The Light Kit is still available today and is great for a variety of growing applications. The Light Kits come standard with a 6400K grow lamp pre-installed.

This lamp is great for propagation of seedlings, cutting or getting your plants started right from seed. The 6400K grow lamp will also grow to finish many leafy green products , baby greens and all kinds of herbs.

Clones love the SunBlaster 6400K light spectrum and have been used for years by Commercial & Home Growers alike for getting their plants off to their very best starts.

Detailed description

– Light Output : 2450 Lumens
– Power Consumption : 39 Watts
– Rated Life : 10,000 Hours
– Nominal Length : 873 mm
– Nominal Width : 46 mm
– Nominal Height : 36 mm
– Colour Temp : 6400 Kelvin
– Lighting Angle : 103°
– Voltage : 110-130 Volts

Package includes

– 6400K growing lamp
– Self ballasted lamp fixture
– Power Cord with ON/OFF switch
– 14″ Linking Cord to connect multiple units
– Mounting and Hanging Clips


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