Sunblaster 18″ LED Light Strip 6400K


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SunBlaster’s world-class team of lighting experts have created the finest Horticultural LED lighting available for today’s indoor growing enthusiasts. Designed to maximize overall performance, economy and extend longevity, while providing the best possible lighting for all Indoor Horticultural applications without fail or compromise. SunBlaster LED Strip Lights™ utilize (SCT) our patented Self-Cooling Technology to create the most advanced horticultural lighting available today. Self-Cooling Technology allows the lighting output to the desired levels without creating unwanted heat, or wasting valuable electronic resources running cooling fans or other unwanted devices. These LED lights produce a 6400K light spectrum that is great for vegetative growth. Each light comes with a power cord with on/off rocker switch, 2 flush mount & two hanging clips. 18″ fixture contains 36 HPF LEDS and uses 18W of electricity.


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