Photontek LED Daisy Chain 5m Control Cable


LED DAISY CHAIN 5M Control Cable

This 5m long Control Link Cable is designed to daisy-chain your Photontek Controllable LED Fixtures allowing a stable and precise connection without any interference. Simply connect the M12 Self-locking male plug into the Signal Out LED structure output and the M12 Self-locking female plug into the Signal In LED structure input of the next fixture.

Wire Gauge: UL 2464 3×22AWG 80℃ 300V VW-1

Technical/Test data:

  • Withstand voltage between conductor and insulator is 800 VAC, 2mA, test time 60S, no breakdown or leakage current occurs
  • Temperature Resistance:80℃
  • Working temperature: -20℃-105℃
  • Storage temperature: -25℃-105℃
  • IP65
  • Comply RoHS


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