Phantom Commercial DE Enclosed System


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The commercial DE open lighting system provides complete coverage to a broad footprint. The grow light delivers optimum PAR, and to improve its efficiency, you can connect it to a ballast that comes with a reflector. The grow light fixture can be used remotely outside your grow area, reducing the impact of heat in the grow tent.

The ballast comes with a highly efficient, precise microprocessor that works silently, efficiently, and extremely lightweight, reliable. The ballast’s robust commercial design offers superior reliability and protects the lamp from any power interruptions—the cooling fins of the fixture promise quick heat dissipation.

With a proper heat management system, the fixture cools down faster and works for longer hours. The fixture is ideal for use in damp locations. It is protected against dirt, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. The fixture comes with an auto-restrike function which safeguards the lamps against damaging power interruptions.

The grow lamp comes with a reflector which helps deliver focused light while dissipating heat at an ideal temperature for maximum light output and great lamp life. Double-ended fixtures deliver great uniformity and a PAR value. The fixture has an enclosed design that focuses on light output, heat management, and extended lamp life.

With premium aluminum, the European hammer-tone interior delivers focused light, ensures a long lamp life, and ensures optimum heat management. It promises 95% reflectivity


120/240V, 240V, 347V


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