Mars Hydro SP 3000 Full Spectrum Grow Light


Mars Hydro SP 3000  is a best-selling, upgraded sunlike full spectrum, boom yield and increasing crop qualite. This grow light has a daisy chain dimming function, no-fan design, aluminum heatsink , removable,  With a driver Waterproof.

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Best-Selling Samsung LM301B Leds

952pcss Samsung LM301B and Osram 660nm led chips, higher quality & more efficiency. Costing only 0,52 $CAD for every single chip.

Upgraded Sunlike Full Spectrum

More warm white and red chips added, extremely good for plants at all stages from veg to bloom.

Boom Yield & Increasing Crop Quality

High PPFD at 2.8 umol/j, average yield at 1.8g/w, increasing your yield 50% or more compared with old blurple and HPS lights.

Daisy Chain Dimming Function

Dimmer knob added, more convenient to adjust the brightness. Up to 15 lights can be daisy-chained and control together on just one light.

No-fan Design & Aluminum Heatsink & Removable Driver

No fan design, no noise. A whole layer of the aluminum heatsink achieving optimal heat dissipation. Removable driver and 2m extension cord helps lower the growing room temperature.

IP 65 Waterproof

IP65 waterproof ratings, worry free in high humidity growing environment.


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