Jaybird Chemical Recirculation Sump Module Rear Feed


The CRSM is a sturdy, compact, and enormously powerful unit designed for unmanned application of pesticide, fungicide, or sterilization chemical solutions. It is corrosion resistant and suitable for use in ultra low volume (ULV) chemical application. The CRSM’s simple design provides mobility and ease of use.

The CRSM’s centrifugal atomization produces billions of tiny, fog-like particles of chemical solution. After the water evaporates, the particle’s chemical residue travels through the air until its eventual contact with a surface. Coverage can reach 30,000 square feet per CRSM unit with the aid of HAF fans.Units have an internal agitation pump to maintain chemical mixtures. The fogging output is factory set at a maximum flow rate of 3.5 GPH, but it can be recalibrated by the operator for a variety of applications, such as humidification. 


  • Unmanned Operation
  • 18 Gallon Tank with Large Lid Access
  • 24 Hour Timer Control
  • Pivoting Fogging Head
  • Arrives Fully Assembled


  • Fogging Head Pivot Angle: 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°
  • Motor/ Electrical: 1/2 hp – 7.8 amps @ 115V (60Hz)
  • Noise @ 10 ft: 72 dB(A) – 60Hz
  • Average Particle Size: 5-10 microns
  • Output Range: 1 – 11 GPH (60Hz)
  • Tank Capacity: 18 US gal / 68 L
  • CFM: 3,000 – 60Hz
  • 304 Stainless Steel: All hardware, sheet steel and wire goods
  • Environment: Endures temperatures from 33° to 160° F – Indoors / outdoors – Humidity to 100% RH – UV stabilized & impact resistant
  • Unit Dimensions: 25.5″ (L) x 21″ (W) x 44″ (H)
  • Approximate Unit Weight: 85 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 46” (L) x 24” (W) x 32” (H)
  • Shipping Weight: 136 lbs


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