General Hydroponics RapidStart Professional 55 Gallon (1-0.5-1)


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Discover General Hydroponics RapidStart Professional 1-0.5-1

RapidStart® Professional is a proprietary blend of nutritive plant extracts and minerals that promote explosive root growth. Using RapidStart® Professional encourages the formation of fine root hairs and lateral root branching, which in term will enhance plant vigor and yield.

  • RapidStart® is highly concentrated and is best used during the vegetative through early flower phases when active root growth occurs.
  • We recommend pre-soaking stone wool cubes, plugs and flats with RapidStart® Professional nutrient solution prior to seeding or propagating from cuttings for faster root growth and success.
  • RapidStart® Professional is compatible with soil, soilless medias, coir, hydroponics and is suitable for fertilizer injection systems.


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