Gaia Green All Purpose Fertilizer


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Gaia Green All Purpose 4-4-4

GAIA GREEN All Purpose is an excellent product for landscape and garden use. This ORGANIC fertilizer combines the best of our products, creating an outstanding blend for all your fertilizing needs.


  • 4-4-4 NPK Ratio – Excellent for Vegetative Growth
  • Multi ingredient organic formula
  • Suitable for a full range of soil grown crops
  • Superb for all plants – trees, shrubs, fruits, c****bis and vegetables
  • Improves soil properties. Feed soil microbes.



• Plants : Pre-Mix into soil medium as per instructions below or apply as a top dress to surface every 7 to 10 days through the vegetative period. For living soil applications, apply as a part of your re-amendment program.

• Garden, landscape and lawn: Apply 2kg. (5lbs.) per 10 square meters (100 sq. ft.). One bag covers approximately 50 square meters (500 sq. ft). Apply up to once a month or as desired. In garden and landscape applications, gently dig into the soil surface where possible.

• Pre-mixing soil for hanging baskets potted plants and planter boxes: Thoroughly mix 60ml. (4 tbsp.) into 4L (1gal.) of soil or growing medium. Consider adding Worm Castings to your mix, here’s why.

• Top dressing hanging baskets, potted plants, and planter boxes: Hanging baskets, potted plants, and planter boxes: Apply 30ml. (2tbsp.) per 4L (1gal.) of soil or growing medium. Apply up to once a month or as desired. Gently dig Gaia Green All Purpose into the soil surface.


500 grams, 2kg, 10kg, 20kg


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