FLORASUN BULB 600 W MH. FloraSun Metal Halide 600 watts Bulbs. Long lasting life. High Output. Compatible with any digital ballast.


High output horticultural lamp specially designed for vigorous growth. Provides optimum spectral energy required during vegetative growth. High initial and maintained lumen output.

  • FloraSun Metal Halide 600 watts Bulbs
  • High output
  • Long lasting life
  • Compatible with any digital ballast
  • High kelvin temperature
  • Can be used for entire growth cycle of non-flowering leafy greens
  • Metal Halide Horticultural lamp specially designed for vigorous growth for use with digital ballasts.
  • Lumens: 100,000
  • Color temperature: 4000k
  • Life expectancy: 10,000 hours
  • For more informations : https://www.floracorp.ca/pdf/Specs_FloraSun600W-MH-en.pdf
  • Color Chart : https://www.floracorp.ca/pdf/Charte_FloraSun_MH600W.pdf

Package includes

  • 1x FloraSun 600W MH Bulb


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