Commercial Tray 36” x 96” Grey


Wachsen Professional manufactures cultivation systems and supplies with your high value and medicinal crops in mind. As the need for high quality hydroponic and horticultural equipment for today’s growers arose, Wachsen responded. They were formed by growers, like you, to fill the growing void created by the increase in hydroponic and soilless production. They now design and engineer solutions in Canada for growers all over the world. Intuitive and easy-to-use, Wachsen products are becoming the go-to choice for commercial and small-scale growers alike. All Wachsen products are manufactured using industry-leading methods with quality, food-grade materials to keep all crops safe and clean. We know that you need to know that your crops are safe for your customers, and we make sure that you can make that claim. As the high value crop market becomes more competitive, Wachsen Professional continues to design products and systems to meet the demand of today’s conscientious growers.

Wachsen Professional fabrique des systèmes et des fournitures de culture en tenant compte de vos cultures de grande valeur et de vos cultures médicinales. Wachsen a répondu à la demande d’équipements hydroponiques et horticoles de haute qualité pour les cultivateurs d’aujourd’hui. La société a été créée par des cultivateurs comme vous pour combler le vide créé par l’augmentation de la production hydroponique et sans sol. Aujourd’hui, la société conçoit et met au point des solutions au Canada pour des cultivateurs du monde entier. Intuitifs et faciles à utiliser, les produits Wachsen sont en train de devenir le choix de prédilection des cultivateurs commerciaux et à petite échelle. Tous les produits Wachsen sont fabriqués selon les meilleures méthodes du secteur, avec des matériaux de qualité alimentaire, afin de garantir la sécurité et la propreté de toutes les cultures. Nous savons que vous avez besoin de savoir que vos cultures sont sûres pour vos clients, et nous veillons à ce que vous puissiez le faire. Alors que le marché des cultures de grande valeur devient de plus en plus compétitif, Wachsen Professional continue de concevoir des produits et des systèmes qui répondent à la demande des cultivateurs consciencieux d’aujourd’hui.


This highly versatile and durable tray is designed to be incorporated easily into any indoor growing system. They are perfect for vertical farming or other commercial vertical growing systems. Just line these out on your vertical system and you are ready to start growing any number of crops. These trays can be placed on top of a racking system as well to increase your total growing area!

At 8 foot long and 3 feet wide, they can fit into indoor grow systems of almost any size comfortably. At 17 pounds each, they are likely to stay put wherever you place them or adhere them to your grow racks with some silicone to make sure they do not get accidentally bumped out of place.

These high impact trays can also be used by themselves for the small-scale grower or for the pro that just needs a little extra production area, as growing trays with built-in drainage. They can be placed on any rack or table suitable for cultivation. This dual-level channeled design, engineered for proper drainage, will make sure that your plants do not stay too wet so that they do not invite any number of unwanted pathogens that can come around in poorly drained or standing water areas. The commercial mobile rack try can be used in systems with overhead irrigation or in growing systems with bottom watering like ebb and flood configurations without fear of overwatering.

Made of BPA-free, ABS plastic, so you do not have to be concerned about growing consumable plants on them and each tray has rounded edges for ease of cleaning. The Commercial Mobile Rack Tray is designed by the folks at Wachsen Professional, who know all about commercial growing systems for high volume producers, so you can be assured of its quality and performance.

  • Durable, high impact ABS plastic
  • 100% BPA free
  • Square drainage pattern
  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Dual level drain channels
  • Recessed drain position
  • Thickness: 0.14″

Dimensions & weight

  • Inside Dimensions: 35.5″x 95.5″x 3″
  • Outside Dimensions: 36″x 96″x 3.5″
  • Weight: 17 lbs


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