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Buy Bud Trimmers Online, eliminate laborious hand trimming jobs with the right bud trimmers for sale for your operation. A quality trimming machine can offer a quick return on your investment saving both time and money by speeding up preparation and reducing handling between the drying box and your product’s end user. Choose from hand powered bud trimmer models for smaller tasks or high-tech automatic units like the USA-made GreenBroz trimming machine for large scale harvests.

Please contact us and let us know! Weed Grow Shop  is committed to providing our growers with the best selection of the products they want and we are always looking to expand our catalog. Feel free to give us a call at  for assistance as well. We can have any trimming machine delivered to you fast even if it’s not listed here!.bud trimmers for sale

Importance Of Bud Trimmers For Sale

Trimming bud sucks! It’s labor intensive and time consuming. Today’s large industrial bud trimmers can replace up to 75 workers, but even a small handheld manual trimming machine can speed up the process considerably.

The key is buying the right trimmer machine for your needs. That’s where we come in. Weed Grow Shop will help you figure out which bud trimming machine is best for you.

Will You Trim Wet Or Dry Bud?

Wet bud is fresh marijuana that has just been harvested, while dry refers to weed that has been dried and cured already. Both wet and dry trimming have advantages and disadvantages.

Our recommendation is to get a trimmer than can handle both equally well.

That way you are able to take advantage of each, depending on what would be the best method in a given situation.

How Much Capacity Do You Need?

Which specific trimmer is best for you will depend on two things: the amount of leaf and bud you need to process and the amount of space you have (some of these trimmers are quite large and heavy).

If you run a large operation, you should know how many pounds per hour you need to be able to process.

If you do not need any pounds per hour, you have no need for a large trimming machine, to be honest. A manual trimmer would be sufficient.

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