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Serving the Hydroponic Needs of California

Our experienced indoor cultivators, along with our superior selection, set us apart from other indoor gardening and hydroponic supply stores. With a brick and mortar store, strong e-commerce presence, and loyalty program that rewards repeat customers, Grow Kings has established itself as a leader within the grow industry:

  • Weed Grow Shop is an indoor gardening super center specializing in supplying the needs of indoor gardeners. The needs of grow gadgets has let us to stock a vast selection of equipment, tools, and supplies needed for a successful indoor growing experience.
  • Weed Grow Shop team is composed of experienced indoor gardeners who are trained in the art of friendly, informative, pressure-free customer service. Whether you are new to the industry or have been successfully gardening indoors for years, our in-house cultivators will provide you with everything from advice to product recommendations.
  • As a locally owned business we pride ourselves on serving our community. We welcome guests from  everywhere in the world, we strive to bring customers the best selection and customer service within the industry. 
  • By operating a 24/7 e-commerce online store, Weed Grow Shop offers both residential and commercial growers throughout  United States, Canada, Europe and The world at large  to take advantage of our superior selection and affordable pricing. Even clients in the most remote locations can benefit from shopping online with us!

Our Team

Staffed by experienced cultivators, Weed Grow Shop provides superior customer service that draws on a wide base of indoor gardening knowledge. Our employees are trained to provide informative and helpful customer service without being pushy or recommending unnecessary products. We work hard to build trust and rapport with clients which is just one of the many reasons we have become one of the largest hydroponic and indoor grow stores in USA.

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